Support PTA act as an alliance for helping PTA’s generate more funds to help support the kids’ education and activities in the school.
Support PTA provides a dedicated page for the School PTA for Free. It would consolidate all the activities and programs has to offer. It is just like having your own website. “SupportPTA.com/YourSchoolName”.
SupportPTA provides a platform to ease and promote raising funds from activities organized by the PTA. In simple and interactive fashion kids and their parents can reach out to friends and family to provide support and make valuable donations.
SupportPTA is an advanced and least expensive tool available, to raise, funding for school PTAs’.
This helps and supports PTA’s for maximizing the funds raised and using it to Support kids' education and activities.

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Take your fundraising efforts to greater heights

If you are ready to avail these benefits and maximize your efforts with greater efficiencies, please fill out the below form and one of the SupportPTA representatives would reach out immediately.

Call +1-949-527-8009 for any questions or email at  info@SupportPTA.com

Our Mission

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SupportPTA is established with a single objective in mind, to help SchoolPTA’s to maximize the benefits of their fundraising efforts, with minimum fees. Bringing efficiencies and ease of use for the volunteering parents who find time to support the learning of kids by joining PTA and serving on its board.

Support PTA’s fee is 50% of nearest competitor

Our Advantages

Free Benefits
SupportPTA provides free use of its platform for year-round sales of spirit wear, yearbooks, memberships, and volunteer signups.
More funds
SupportPTA is designed to Support Kids by maximizing the fundraising efforts of School PTAs by retaining more money for supporting PTAs’ objectives.
Low Cost
School PTA’s work very hard to raise funds for school activities. To maximize the efforts SupportPTA provides the first fundraiser for FREE. Even after the first event, the fee payable to SupportPTA is only 3.99% and it is capped at $499 per event.
Unmatched Support
SupportPTA provides unmatched support to help maximize ------- the same as others. We have support available after hours, weekdays, and weekends to accommodate the schedules of Volunteering parents.
Ease of Use (Donors)
SupportPTA has a sophisticated AI which creates personalized donation requests and reminders. There is no need to make those inconvenient calls. No waiting for mailed checks and no personal visits for soliciting donations. All can be done online with your fingertips.
Easy for Use (Organizers)
SupportPTA provides free use of its platform for year-round sales of spirit wear, yearbooks, memberships, and volunteer signups.


SupportPTA has developed a lot of features and benefits to maximize fundraising efforts.
Every School’s PTA using SupportPTA as their fundraising platform would have a Free PTA home page, this would save thousands of dollars for PTA which will unlock additional funds for Children’s programs. This webpage would facilitate the sale of Spirit Wear/ Year Books/ Membership Drive/ Volunteer Sign-ups, all with no cost to PTA. This would save additional thousands of dollars and would make it convenient for PTA board members to manage everything in one place.
SupportPTA never charges any upfront cost and has no minimums for using their portal.
The portal provides multiple options to reach out to prospective donors, like setting up customized emails with a personal touch, sending text messages, social media sharing to maximize the appeal and reach.
The portal has made sending out appeals easy. By providing address book parsing, enabling sending out support requests faster, it sends auto-reminders for sign-ups and donations for maximum participation. It provides a dynamic goal meter containing real-time information to manage the status of the fundraiser. It can provide a leader board to identify winners for the class and students alike. The portal supports multiple payment options. It also enables including video appeals for the personal touch and better narrative.
Since it is an integrated platform available for covering all the fundraising needs, it can provide all the reports needed for all the fundraisers of the PTA, with no need to maintain multiple spreadsheets to track everything. All the information is available in the system and is just a click away.
It doesn’t end here. In case you feel you need something more; we can always explore the possibilities of customizations.

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