There is no limit on organizing fund raisers, the best part our fees is capped per event.

Our platform provides the ease of use and our system does a lot of work for your fund raising process which helps raise more money than any other platform available. Along with this our low and capped fees put more money in School PTA’s account to Support Kids and Support Learning.

Setting up is superfast with our platform, our System is designed to setup your page in the manner of minutes, it is very interactive and you can DIY too. If short of time and need help, please reach out to info@SupportPTA.com

It can be done very easily, there are multiple options.
A. Upload the list using Excel Sheet.
B. Sync your online account with gmail, yahoo to pull the contact information from the address book.
C. Type it in.

All the information would be stored in the profile of the donor/ parent and can be used for all subsequent events and fundraisers.

Absolutely, SupportPTA provides options where the donor can set up unit based donation. Students can log in their units/ laps at their SupportPTA’s page. After the conclusion of event information is sent to donors to make the donation based of their commitment.

SupportPTA has a niche in reporting and tracking. All the credit card funds are deposited directly in your bank account and in case of paypal funds are accumulated in your controlled paypal account with an ability to transfer them per your choice.

You can generate multiple reports of your choosing for all the funding routed or recorded through SupportPTA whether it is membership, fundraising event, spirit wear sales etc, etc.

SupportPTA serves as a single source for your transactions and reporting needs. These are multipurpose reports and can be utilized for money tracking, goal tracking, identifying prize winners, etc.

This is the most important question and should have been placed at the top��. It is very simple, when School PTA gets set up for the first time a merchant processor account is created which directly linked to School PTA’s bank account and the money would be deposited right into it at your chosen intervals. There is no setup or monthly fee for this service.

We have a fiduciary duty towards the Schools and PTA’s, therefore, we do not control money raised by School PTA’s event.

That’s a very important question. SupportPTA takes the privacy of data very seriously and with utmost priority. SupportPTA has a detailed privacy policy and terms of use explaining all the details.

SupportPTA uses latest security protocols and encryption (SSL/TSL) available to keep all the payment data encrypted and secured. This information is not saved on our platform to have highest level of security.

No problem, just send us a quick mail at info@SupportPTA.com and our experienced professional would reach out to you right back.


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